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Find out who owns New Mexico’s water and how it is being used … where the best schools are in town … the history of our state … what bills are going through the legislature that affect New Mexico’s families, businesses and environment.

The New Mexico State Library has an extensive collection of current and historical documents published by all New Mexico State Agencies.  These publications are intended for public use and are vital to the educational, business, personal, civic, legislative, and research needs of New Mexico citizens.

Some subject areas include: Some types of  documents include:
  • health
  • education
  • history/culture/art
  • energy
  • economics/business
  • agriculture
  • tourism
  • taxes
  • annual reports
  • periodicals
  • statistics
  • directories
  • newsletters
  • technical reports
  • laws and rules and regulations
  • maps

Copies of most state publications can be borrowed by visiting the State Library. Depository libraries throughout New Mexico also provided access as part of the State Depository Library Program. Other libraries may request these materials for individuals to borrow through the State Library’s interlibrary loan service.

Use these tools to find what you are looking for:

Specific digitized state publication collections are also available on the following sites:

  • Agricultural Extension Service and Experiment Station publications– full text access to over 100 years of more than 3,400 circulars, guides, handbooks, annual reports, research reports, technical reports, task force reports, and research bulletins written from 1890 to the present.
  • LoboVault a repository of scholarly publications from a variety of sources.
  • State Mobile Apps Catalog- you may search by state, by category, or browse a list of all apps and links are provided for download

State Depository Library Program


The State Depository Program collects publications created by all state agencies with the intention of providing permanent and sustained access to New Mexico citizens. The reports, minutes, statistics, newsletters, bulletins, impact statements and countless other publications created each year by the various state agencies and commissions are a vital piece of New Mexico history. New Mexico’s Depository Library Program was established in 1978 when the State Legislature passed legislation creating the State Documents Depository Clearinghouse within the existing the State Library (18-2-4 NMSA). This legislation also requires all state agencies to deposit copies of their publications with the Clearinghouse (18-2-4.1NMSA and NMAC) in a timely and ongoing basis.

Publications which are printed for distribution to the public, necessitates that state agencies send 30 copies of those printed publications or,  if a digital version is available along with the print copies, send five print copies and one PDF version to the New Mexico State Library (NMSL). When the publication is printed and is available digitally, the agency must send five print copies and one PDF version to the New Mexico State Library (NMSL).

Three copies of each publication are kept locally for historical, research and circulation purposes. One copy is sent to the State Records Center and Archives (SRCA), one copy is sent to the Library of Congress, and all other print copies are sent to the State Publications Depository Libraries around the state. Any digital version is archived in our digital archive and sent to the SRCA.

Publications which are intended only for digital distribution to the public, either on the web or by email distribution, necessitates that agencies send one digital copy to NMSL. These digital items are archived and made accessible through our digital archive. These digital items are also sent the SRCA for their long-term preservation.

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State Publications Program
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Government Documents Listserv: NMSL-GOVINFO-L


NMSL-GOVINFO-L is an unmoderated e-list for those interested in anything relating to New Mexico state documents and Federal documents. This is an open list. While the focus of the listserv is the business of the New Mexico Depository Library programs, any and all questions and discussions concerning New Mexico state government publications, Federal publications, and the New Mexico Depository Library system are welcome.

Individuals can subscribe to the list by sending a message to:

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  • In the body of message type (with no other text):
    subscribe NMSL-GOVINFO-L   Firstname Lastname
  • You will receive confirmation that your request to be on the list has been successfully processed, along with instructions on posting information, signing off, and proper etiquette for the listserv.

If you have any questions, please contact:  Susanne Caro, Government Information Librarian


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