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Joining the LBPD:

Please read our Eligibility requirements, then complete the appropriate application either digitally or by printing it out. All patron records pertaining to this service will remain confidential. Incomplete applications may not be processed and may be returned.


Download an Application in English

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Facilities and Institutions

Download an Institutional Application


Certifying Authority: The application must be signed by a certifying authority. They are medical or educational professionals who are attesting that you have a qualifying disability making you eligible for the program. Find out who is a proper certifying authority here. We do not need to know the specific disability as long as it fits the definition provided on the application and the certifying authority should refrain from making notes about it. All contact information for the certifying authority is required. Digital signatures are acceptable. If for some reason you are unable to gain a signature, please give our library a call to determine the best course of action.

NM State Library – LBPD

Attn: New Applications
1209 Camino Carlos Rey
Santa Fe, NM 87507


Fax: 505.476.9776

Submit your application:

All applications are ready to be sent by mail with our address and Free Matter indicator on the back. Fold in half and tape or staple one side. Please do not seal the application with multiple staples or pieces of tape. Just one will do. If you prefer to send it in an envelope, mark the corner with “Free Matter for the Blind & Physically Handicapped” and fold the flap into the envelope, do not seal to avoid the possibility of the application being returned to you by the post office. For anything to qualify as Free Matter material, USPS must be able to inspect it.

Have questions or need to find out the status of your application?

  • Call us at either 505.476.9770 or Toll- Free 1.800.456.5515
  • Visit our FAQ
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