New Mexico State Library

LSTA Advisory Council

General Duties and Functions:

The Advisory Council’s role will be to advise the State Library Staff on the development and implementation of the state five year plan for the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA), assist in the evaluation of activities, and in the evaluation of LSTA grant applications and projects.  The Council has neither approval nor disapproval authority; it recommends actions to the State Library. The New Mexico State Library, as the legal authority for administering the Library Services and Technology Act, makes final decisions on all plans and programs.

Council members both individually and collectively as a group, are expected to advocate for the improvement of library services in New Mexico.


The Advisory Council shall meet twice a year during the week in a variety of formats that will be dictated by the business to be conducted. Most meetings, including travel time, take approximately eight hours. For each meeting, Council member are expected to spend additional time preparing, reading materials (estimated 8 – 16 hours).  During the meeting the council members will

§  Review long range and annual program plans for LSTA funded statewide services and competitive grant programs

§  Recommend and review priorities and goals

§  Review reports and evaluations

§  Review grant applications, propels reports, and evaluations

Special meetings may be called by the chairperson or the State Library.  Members will be reimbursed for necessary travel expenses in accordance with State Law and procedures.

A quorum of the members is a simple majority of the Council membership. No business will be transacted if a quorum cannot participate,

Recommendations of the Council will be made by majority vote.

Members should notify the Deputy State Library a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the meeting if they cannot attend the meeting. Any member with two unexcused absences within one year will be replaced on the Council.

All meetings shall be held in accordance with the New Mexico Open Meetings Law NMSA 1978, Sections 10-15-1 to 10-15-4.

Minutes shall be prepared by a member of the Council.  Minutes (see below) shall be approved and distributed within 2 weeks of the meeting.  State Library staff will post the minutes on the State Library website.

Current Members of the LSTA Advisory Council:

Rachel Altobelli – Albuquerque Public Schools

Linda Morgan Davis – Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Libraries

Mary Lee Smith – Farmington Public Library

Teresa Naranjo – Santa Clara Pueblo Library

James Pawlak – ENMU-Ruidoso Library