New Mexico State Library


How do I sign up for library services?
After checking our Eligibility Requirements, fill out and submit our application form by mail, email, or fax. Applying does not guarantee registration so applicants are contacted within five business days after the application is received to discuss the details. Please allow an additional five business days before inquiry if sent by mail. Three attempts are made to contact the applicant or their alternate before the application is set aside. Unprocessed applications are retained for one year.

How long does it take for my application to be processed?
Normally within one business day after we’ve spoken with the applicant or their alternate.

Who is a certifying authority?
Refer to our Eligibility Requirements or the list on page three of the application.

How do I order books or equipment?
Contact our library or order through our online catalog. Please visit our Ordering Materials and Equipment page for detailed information about our items.

Are these players loud enough for those with hearing problems? 
The answer depends on the user so we recommend trying a player. Users with severe hearing loss can request a High-Volume Player and Headphones form, but will need to fill it out with a physician or audiologist.

How do I add my Victor Reader Stream (or other third-party player) to my BARD account?
Follow the steps under Authorizing a Third Party Player on the BARD page.

Can I get a catalog mailed to me?
Yes, the Talking Book Topics is available as an audio magazine subscription (with a due date) and can be found on the NLS website in HTML and PDF formats.

Is there a fee for the talking books and magazines to be delivered by mail?
No, there is no cost to our patrons since all lent items are sent as “Free Matter for the Blind & Physically Handicapped” through USPS.

How many books can I have at once?
Each digital tape can hold multiple books, but only five digital tapes are allowed to be checked out at a time. Please review our Ordering Materials and Equipment page for more information.

Can I have two players?
No. We recommend downloading the Braille Audio Reading Download (BARD) mobile app if more than one player is requested because our stock is limited. The app is available for iOS and android devices.

My player isn’t working properly, can I get a new one?
Yes, contact us and return the broken player either by mail or in person. DO NOT attempt to repair the player yourself. Use the original box to return it by flipping the label that’s inside the plastic window, wait for the replacement, or  use any box the player fits into and address it to our library at 1209 Camino Carlos Rey, Santa Fe, NM 87057. Make sure to write “Free Matter for the Blind and Physically Handicapped” on the box to take care of postage.

Can I pick up my books or equipment at the library?
Yes. Let us know at a day ahead so we can have everything ready for you. If you have all five of your digital tapes checked out, you need to bring at least one so we can add your order onto it.

I haven’t signed into BARD for a while. Has my account been closed?
Users need to download a book at least every six months to maintain an Active status in BARD. Contact us for any issue with BARD.

I’m moving to another state, can I take my player with me?
Yes, you can!  Let us know your new contact information and your moving date and we’ll transfer your services to a network library in that state.

Have more questions? Check out the National Library Service for the Blind & Print Disabled FAQ, Our Patron Handbook (PDF), or contact us!