New Mexico State Library


The State Library has many maps which are found in our Federal government and State government collections. You can search our catalog for maps but many have not been cataloged yet, so please ask a librarian for assistance. For additional information see our map research guide.

USGS Topographical Maps

The State Library has a large collection of Federal topographic maps issued by the US Geological Survey.  This collection does not circulate and must be used in the library.

  • The New Mexico collection includes a number of historical  topos in addition to the current editions.
  • The Four corners region collection also includes some historical topos in addition to the current editions.
  • We have the following topographic maps for Santa Fe:  1889 (30 x 30), 1952 (7.5), 1954 (1 x 2), 1958 (1 x 2), 1961 (7.5), 1983 (30 x 60), 2002 (7.5), 2013 (7.5).
  • We also have a 2005 edition collection for the remaining states in the United States.

An ever increasing number of historic topographic maps are being added to the USGS National Map website.  High resolution scans of more than 200,000 historical maps, some dating as far back as 1884, are now available online.  All scales and editions are available as a georeferenced digital download or as a printed copy from the USGS Store.

Digital topographic maps for New Mexico, arranged in the traditional 7.5 minute quadrangle format, are now available.  Click on “Download Maps (map store)” to be taken to a map interface where you can either zoom in to the area you are interested in or do a word search for a particular quad in the state.

The USGS National Geologic Database has an overlay of both the historic and the current topographic maps from 1880 to 2010.

National Forest, Park and Trail Maps

Find information about the recreational uses, trails, roads, streams, lakes, visitor centers, facilities available, campgrounds and picnic areas on maps produced by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the US Forest Service.  These maps may be used in the library only, but they are also for sale on the Public Lands Information Center website and some may be available free from the Forest Service website.


Explore geocoded satellite imagery of crop acreage in New Mexico on the US Department of Agriculture Vegscape and Cropscape.  Vegscape provides weekly maps of crop conditions.  Cropscape has mapped 100 different crops since 2008 and makes estimates during the growing season.  Use the data for rotational analysis, stability studies, environmental issue tracking, conservation assessments, and decision support.

Census Maps

In addition to Census maps for 2000 and LandView products on CD-Rom, the State Library has a collection of full sized block and tract maps for the 2000 and 1990 Census. Block maps for 1980 are available on microfiche.

You may also digitally explore the data gathered as part of the 2010 census.

The Census Bureau also has geographic data and products such as the TIGER/Line Shapefiles, KMLs, TIGERweb, cartographic boundary files, geographic relationship files, and reference and thematic maps.

Sanborn Maps

Dating from 1884 through the 1950’s, the Sanborn Fire Insurance maps offer comprehensive information about commercial, industrial, and residential sections of cities and towns throughout New Mexico.  They are accurately scaled and show street layout, building locations, and construction. Through FIMo, the New Mexico State Library provides access to digital, downloadable, full color maps available for in-library use only. Black and white versions are also available on microfilm or on the ProQuest Sanborn Map database.

Aerial Photography Maps

The State Library aerial survey map collection is comprised of imagery produced by the Fairchild Aerial Company in collaboration with the USDA Soil Conservation Service. Aerial photos in this set were taken in 1935-1937 and in 1951 by Fairchild, in partnership with the Soil Conservation Service. The collection is a valuable resource for researchers interested in property history, environmental history and change including soil erosion, forestation, and waterways. Researchers should be aware that coverage for locations or flight surveys may not be comprehensive and that the Library may not have coverage and images for all areas of interest.  Historic aerial photographs of New Mexico may also be found digitally at RGIS and the UC Santa Barbara Fairchild Aerial Surveys.  The Charles A. Lindbergh  collection contains photographs of the Rio Grande and the Pueblos.

Historic Maps

There are many historic maps in the State Library collections. All historic materials, including maps, must be used in the library. Please ask a librarian to see if we have a paper copy of the map you are interested in seeing and we will make arrangements for you to view the map when you visit.

Many historic maps of New Mexico have been digitized.

New Mexico Humanities Council / Atlas of Historic Maps

Chavez Library Maps – UNM Digital Collections

Perry-Casteneda Library Maps

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

University of Texas at Arlington New Mexico Map Collection