New Mexico State Library

Publication Officers FAQ

What are the responsibilities of a publications officer?
A publications officer is responsible for collecting and sending their agency publications to the state depository program.

What documents need to be sent to the state library?
The state library collects materials which are meant for the public such as annual reports, guides, newsletters, books, brochures and final reports (not drafts).

We do not need memos, minutes, rough drafts, inter-agency policies or any documents meant for internal use.

How many copies do I have to send?
If the document is only available in a electronic format (such as a PDF on your website) we need the file or a link to the document.

If the document is in electronic format but the department also printed copies (this frequently happens with annual reports) we need a link or the file plus 5 paper copies.

If the document is only available in print we need 30 copies.

Why are only certain types of digital/electronic files accepted?
The file types described in the NMAC are the more stable and widely used formats. We want these formats because we have these files as part of our permanent collection and will need to make sure they remain available many years from now. With less stable formats the information can be lost or won’t open.

How should I submit digital documents?
Electronic documents should be sent to:

Why does the publications officer have to be appointed each year?
The reason that the publications officer needs to be reappointed annually is to make sure that there is someone in that position. People often retire or move on and this helps us make sure that we will still get the documents we need.

Where can I find the NMAC rule calling for publications officers?
1.25.10 NMAC Publications: Filing, Distribution, Format and Style

If you are unsure about a document or have any questions please contact the Government Documents Librarian, Susanne Caro or the Administrative Services Coordinator, James Phelps.