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State Grants-in-Aid to Public Libraries

The state grants-in-aid to public libraries program is governed by the 4.5.2 New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC). Completing the Annual Report each July – August serves as recognized New Mexico Public Libraries’ application for state aid. The data reported is reviewed and used to determine state grants-in-aid eligibility and is based on requirements found in the 4.5.2 NMAC. Objective

The purpose of the state aid program is to provide financial assistance that encourages and supports library service by public libraries and developing public libraries. The state aid program is intended to supplement and encourage local effort in providing local library service. The state aid program consists of developing public library grants and public library grants that may be used for: library collections; library staff salaries; library professional development; library equipment; or other operational expenditures associated with delivery of library services.

IMPORTANT: Each year, the state legislature appropriates funds (amount may vary year to year) to the state library in the form of state grants-in-aid. The amount allotted to public libraries depends on the number of public libraries that meet the eligibility criteria in the 4.5.2 NMAC. Once the number of eligible public libraries is determined, the appropriation is split equally among all eligible public libraries and any eligible branches with developing public libraries’ receiving at least a quarter of a share. The Legal Service Area (LSA) population for eligible public libraries is not used to calculate state grants-in-aid allocations. Distribution of Funds

Funds from the state aid program is distributed to eligible public libraries in the following manner:

A. Application: The annual report submitted for the immediate prior year shall serve as the developing or public library’s application for state grants-in-aid.

B. Allocation: For state grants-in-aid, the state library shall award at least a quarter of a share (0.25) of the annual allocation to developing libraries, one (1) share of the allocation to each public library, and one half (.50) of a share of the allocation to each branch and bookmobile.

C. Notification: Following the end of the application period, the state library shall calculate the grant award for each library. The state library shall notify all eligible public libraries informing them of the amount of their grant.

D. Request for payment: Each library shall return the signed grant agreement to the state library within 60 days of receipt of the agreement measured from the postmark or electronic postmark. Upon timely receipt of the grant agreement, the state library shall process a payment request form. If a library does not submit the grant agreement within the required time period, it forfeits the grant award.

E.  Maintenance of effort: A library’s local budget shall not be reduced by its governing body as a result of eligibility for the state aid program. Upon demonstrated evidence that such a reduction has occurred, the library shall be ineligible to receive funds from the library grants award for one year after the reduction has occurred. Limitations on Funds

A. The grant amounts may vary by year, depending on the amount of the appropriation to the state library by the state legislature and the state library’s other budgeted expenses.

B. Libraries shall not use grant funds for administrative or indirect expenses such as budgeting, accounting, financial management, information systems, data processing, and legal services.

C. Public and developing libraries shall expend all grant funds during the fiscal year in which they are awarded (July 1 through June 30) to remain eligible for the next year’s award.

D. Should a library cease providing basic library services prior to or within thirty days of funding; grant funds shall revert to the state library.

State Grants-in-Aid Allocations History

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