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It’s Not Too Late to Be a Part of Snapshot Day!

NM Library Snapshot DayNew Mexico Library Snapshot Day is this Thursday, April 16 – or you can celebrate any day until April 24! If you haven’t already signed up, it’s not too late to join in the fun of this important library advocacy project!

Participating libraries will:

  • Track usage data at their library for one day and complete a survey.
  • Take photos of patrons using library services. Post to social media and the NM State Library Flickr account!
  • Collect anecdotes about why your patrons love using the library.

To participate, you will need the following resources:

  • NM Library Snapshot Day Survey. Please review the survey questions ahead of time. A good idea is to print it and fill out a hard copy throughout the day, and once you have confirmed your data, assign one library staff member to complete the survey for your library. Remember, this should be data from ONE DAY of library usage. Please complete the survey by Friday, April 24.
  • When posting photos to social media, please share using #NMSnapshot so we can create some online buzz about Snapshot Day!
  • Click here for instructions for posting to the NMSL Flickr account. Please email for the user name and password.
  • Please collect anecdotes from your patrons and submit some of your own! Click here for a sample patron comment sheet. You are welcome to use this one, or create one of your own. When advocating for a cause, it is always a good idea to site specific examples of how your services impact people – this is an excellent way to collect those types of stories! You can email these to me – again, by Friday, April 24.
  • If you’d like to promote Snapshot Day in your community – send out a press release. Click here to see a template for your use. You can customize this for your own library. If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

If you wish to use the Snapshot Day logo, you can right click and save this logo:

NM Library Snapshot Day

Thank you again for your commitment to this advocacy project. I can’t wait to get all of your results: photos, stories, and survey data. I will compile a statewide report that you will be encouraged to use in your communities to express the vital need of libraries!

PS: For anyone that intended on attending the program “New Mexico Library Snapshot Day: How to Collect and Use Images and Data for Library Advocacy” at the NMLA mini conference, I apologize for its cancellation. An emergency occurred and I could not attend. I will post a version of the presentation on the Hitchhiker soon for anyone that is interested.

Happy National Libraries Week, and good luck with Snapshot Day!

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