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State Library Does Outreach

In the past couple of months, the New Mexico State Library has had 2 opportunities to perform outreach at events reaching thousands of people: the New Mexico State Fair and the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

In September, Carmelita Aragon and I went to the State Fair for Career Pathways Day- along with New Mexico colleges and universities, trade schools, and other organizations encouraging education for New Mexico’s youth.


In October, Alana McGrattan (along with other members of the Department of Cultural Affairs) were at the Balloon Fiesta promoting the New Mexico FamilyPass. They handed out coloring books and crayons which included pictures of DCA museums and historic sites. The back of the coloring book included a one-time use to any of the 15 sites included in the FamilyPass along with a list of every public library in New Mexico where people could check out the FamilyPass free of charge.


Alana was there bright and early on a not-very cold morning, and even though the balloons didn’t launch that morning she talked to a lot of people and even got to meet Steve Stucker from KOB-TV!

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