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New Mexico FamilyPass – Check it Out!

FamilyPassYesterday, Governor Martinez announced the launch of the Department of Cultural Affairs’ FamilyPass at a press event at the Taylor Ranch branch of the ABC Library.

DCA, in partnership with local libraries throughout New Mexico, provides a pass for free admission to 15 state museums and historic sites. Passes are available for checkout at all New Mexico public libraries and branches, as well as the State Library and its three rural bookmobiles. Patrons borrow the pass, which circulates like other library materials.  The passes may be checked out for one week.

The event was attended by DCA Cabinet Secretary Veronica Gonzales, State Librarian Kathleen Moeller-Peiffer — a group of directors representing public libraries attended as well.

“While a number of states have limited passes to museums and historic sites, New Mexico is the first state, to my knowledge, to produce a statewide pass to every location supported by  the Department of Cultural Affairs. This is an accomplishment to be proud of and I truly hope and believe that New Mexico’s families will visit their public libraries, check out a pass and learn about the history of their state,” said State Librarian Moeller-Peiffer.

“These are wonderful resources that help our families and kids learn and grow,” said DCA Cabinet Secretary Veronica Gonzales. “I’m grateful to Governor Martinez for her leadership in developing tools and resources that help New Mexicans experience more of our state’s history and culture while further reinforcing the skills and knowledge our kids are learning in school.”

A big thank you to Dean Smith, Director, and the gracious staff at ABC Library, Taylor Ranch for hosting this event.

The FamilyPass may be used at the following locations:

FamilyPass packets were mailed out last week to 121 public libraries and their branches. Enclosed in your packet are:

  • 3 FamilyPasses to place into circulation
  • Borrower Agreement (please duplicate as needed)
  • Survey forms (please duplicate as needed)
  • A display sign

The FamilyPass packet contains descriptive guidelines on how to incorporate the program into your library. Please be advised these are guidelines — and may be followed exactly, or may be tailored by the library director for your community.

Passes are valid from August 1, 2015- August 30, 2016

When patrons return the pass, please have them complete the quick-and-easy survey. This survey is available online, at It is very important for us to document the outcomes and provide stories of patron use in order to continue and expand the program. Library staff members are invited to complete surveys as well.

Please return completed paper surveys to:

New Mexico State Library – Development Bureau
1209 Camino Carlos Rey
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Contact for Public Library Staff
Ryanne Cooper, Bureau Chief, Library Development Services

If patrons have questions regarding museums or historic sites, please direct them to contact the specific museum or historic site.

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