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7 Reasons Your Library Should Participate in Snapshot Day

NM Library Snapshot Day


New Mexico Library Snapshot Day is April 16, 2015. What is Snapshot Day? Read this post for an overview, and then check out 7 Reasons Your Library Should Participate in Snapshot Day!

1. It’s fun!
Doing something out of the ordinary at our libraries is a way to get patrons excited and may allow them to learn something new about resources you offer. Even though the goal is to document “a day in the life” at the library, it never hurts to plan special programs on Snapshot Day to get more people through the door to share library love stories and smile for the camera!

2. It’s easy!
Take a look at the survey we’ll ask you to complete after Snapshot Day. With 21 questions, this survey will be a breeze to complete if you keep track throughout the day.

3. It’s familiar!
Where have you seen some of these questions before? Annual Reports, that’s where. You will be required to collect some of this data later in the year for your library’s Annual Report, so you might as well get some practice :).

4. The photos!
You do so much each day at the library that is meaningful and important – but we often don’t document it. This day will allow you to create a collection of great photographs of your patrons enjoying the incredible resources you offer each day.

5. The stories!
Likewise, it’s great to hear “We love your library” and “Thanks for all that you do” every now and again. But, it would be wonderful to have a depository of library experiences and praise for you to look back on and share with your community leaders.

6. Collaboration!
This is truly a statewide effort. In order to get a complete picture of NM libraries, we need as many libraries to participate as possible – public, tribal, school, academic, and special! The State Library will aggregate the data, photos, and stories to create an advocacy piece that we can all use to demonstrate the incredible impact of libraries here in NM each day. Don’t miss out! [Click here to see the advocacy piece created in 2010.]

7. Team-building!
Not only will libraries across New Mexico be working toward the same goal on Snapshot Day, but internally, it will bring your staff together. In a small library, two library employees can divide up the tasks of taking photos, keeping track of data, and collecting stories. In a large library, these tasks can be broken down by department. Everyone in the library can and should contribute to a successful execution of Snapshot Day in your library!

What are you waiting for?!

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