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Visit to Woolworth Community Library

Last week Carmelita Aragon and I visited the Woolworth Community Library in Jal, New Mexico. The library just finished some renovations to the outside of the building which resulted in a beautiful stone amphitheater which I image will gets lots of use for library programs.


The inside of the library is bright and inviting, thanks to a wall of windows and numerous skylights. There is a wonderful children’s area on a raised area (which also houses their fiction and young adult collections) that has beautiful, architectural windows looking into the area.


The rest of the library is open and spacious with lots of shelves holding fun displays. They have a lot of comfy seating, all the better to curl up with a good book! The library shares the building with the Woolworth Foundation and has a lot of really nice community rooms that are being utilized by the local school while it undergoes renovations. The Woolworth Community Library is definitely a gathering space for the local community. woolworth-group-2

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