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Visit to the Red River Public Library

This week we headed up north to the Red River Public Library. This is hands down one of the most beautiful places in New Mexico. This is the view all around the library:

The library itself is an old restaurant but has been converted quite nicely. It’s has a beautiful A-frame entrance and a side porch with picnic tables that allow people to access the wireless connection outside on a beautiful summer day. The landscaping around the building is welcoming and friendly with LOTS of flowers and grass that is known to have deer visitors.

There’s a lot of artwork on the walls, interesting light fixtures and a fun dragon collection in the children’s room. The shelves are an attractive wood and they’ve made use of every space they have.

The back of the library contains a museum which was showing a display of historic photos of the town and its residents.

If you’re ever near far northern New Mexico, definitely make a trip to Red River- the town is gorgeous and the library is worth a visit!


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