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UPDATE: NM Genealogy Collections and Services Survey

Thanks to all of you who submitted responses to the New Mexico State Library’s Genealogy Collections and Services Survey. We learned so much about what is going on in our state!

Ansel Adams, Taos Pueblo (National Archives)

Many of you responded that you and your staff don’t know what genealogy resources are available at New Mexico’s libraries. This can make referring patrons to the right institution tricky. As a next step, we are going to gather together the information provided via the survey about NM libraries that actively maintain, collect, and provide genealogy reference services – with as much detail as possible. This spreadsheet will be distributed digitally to NM libraries after it is complete.

For those of you who responded to the survey and have active genealogy collections/services, I will be in contact to ask a few follow-up questions. We are grateful for any additional information you can provide.



If your library or institution offers genealogy services and would like to be on this spreadsheet, but you did not respond to our survey, please email

Include responses to the following questions in your email:

  1. Name of institution, contact person and their email
  2. Do you collect church record extractions?
  3. Do you collect general how-to genealogy books?
  4. Do you collect published family and community histories?
  5. What is the geographic focus of your collection (NM only, greater SW, the entire US, international etc.)?
  6. What genealogy databases do you use?
  7. Does your library offer personalized reference services to your patrons?
  8. During this unusual time, are you continuing to offer genealogy reference services?
  9. During normal circumstances, how do you prefer patrons needing help with genealogy contact you? Feel free to list them in order of preference.
  10. Does your library offer patron genealogy instruction (either one-on-one, or group classes)?
  11. Are there any details about your services/collections that you think it is important for librarians around the state to know?

Thank you and happy researching!


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