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UNM Health Sciences: Instructional Services Librarian; Apply by 2/1/14

UNMHSThis faculty position is a creative opportunity for a service- and technology-oriented health sciences librarian to provide educational innovation in a complex and dynamic health sciences library. The Instructional Services Librarian supports the educational mission of the UNM Health Sciences Center by taking a leading role in integrating innovative instructional technologies into HSLIC’s participation in library and technology instruction at the HSC. The Instructional Services Librarian will be an educator for library resources, knowledge management and information technology; this can be in the form of classroom didactic or hands-on instruction or other instructional modalities integrated into the curriculum in the various academic programs of the UNM Health Sciences Center. The Instructional Services Librarian will participate in the staff development, training and assessment essential to the library’s overall instruction program, including gathering, analyzing and reporting appropriate statistics on the library instructional program. The Instructional Services Librarian will keep current in the latest evidence-based library and instructional technology and will work with other HSLIC faculty to employ educational technology and active learning techniques to promote successful student learning and achievement. The Instructional Services Librarian will participate in quality improvement processes designed to improve customer service for library and information technology services.

The Instructional Services Librarian also participates in reference, mediated search service, including systematic reviews, and distance services (outreach) activities. The Instructional Services Librarian will be an active participant in the library’s envoy program, working with faculty, staff, students, fellows and house staff to build collaborative relationships.

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Salary range: $40,000 – $42,000

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