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Tune in for Best of DCA on KASA Fox

DCAIf you’re home enjoying the Winter holidays, tune into 2 KASA Fox on Thursday, December 31st from 9-10am.  You can see the “Best of” the Department of Cultural Affairs segments on the morning entertainment program.  The hour long show will focus solely on DCA.

What a great inspiration to learn about all that the Department of Cultural Affairs has to support your patrons endeavors into lifelong learning. Remember, the FamilyPass works at all DCA’s museums and historic sites!FamilyPass

These are the segments that will be replayed:

  1. Winter Guide 2
  2. O’Keeffe in Process/Fall of Modernism
  3. American Modernism/Fall of Modernism
  4. Vilcek Collection/Fall of Modernism
  5. Winter Guide 3
  6. David Bradley
  7. Fossil Find with Spencer Lucas
  8. Space History Building
  9. Jemez Historic Site Overview
  10. Winter Guide 4

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