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Tribal Libraries Program Coordinator Retires

August 17th will be the last day for the Tribal Libraries Program Coordinator, Alana McGrattan. Alana has been with the New Mexico State Library 5 years, running the Tribal Libraries Program (TLP) which focuses on support for the tribal public libraries in the state- currently at 19 libraries.

Alana was born and raised in New York City but fell in love with New Mexico at a young age and spent 35 years as the Librarian of the Santa Fe Indian School. She served as a mentor to countless students through the years and some can even be found running tribal libraries in the state currently.

During her tenure with the State Library, Alana has been instrumental in the development of the only current public library on the Navajo reservation in New Mexico. She has been heavily involved with formation and expansion of the Indigenous Digital Archive.

Alana has also been active in the Friends of the Santa Fe Public Library and in the National New Deal Preservation Association- New Mexico chapter President. She also serves as the Chair of the Sister Cities Ashgabat committee. In retirement Alana is looking forward to spending time with her family who are scattered across the country as well as traveling near and far!

We’ll miss you Alana!

Alana with members of NALSIG
Alana with Technical Services Bureau Chief Bradley Carrington
Alana McGrattan with Shamyeva Akpamyk, Director of Mary Regional Library and her assistant in Merv (part of the Sister City Sister Libraries)


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