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Tribal Librarians Become Certified Financial Literacy Trainers

Tribal Libraries Financial LiteracyBy Alana McGrattan

Several initiatives have been launched this year targeting public libraries as ways of getting financial literacy training for their patrons. At the American Library Association conference in June, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau introduced a website and materials for public libraries.

First Nations Development Institute partnered with First Nations Oweesta Corporation to provide financial literacy training at Southwest Indian Polytechnic Institute in early October for tribal librarians. Library Directors  Cynthia Aguilar of Santo Domingo, Tamara Sandia of Jemez Pueblo Public Library, Mildred Walters of Sandia Pueblo Learning Resource Center, Teresa Naranjo of Santa Clara Pueblo Community Library, Thelma Tapia of Taytsugeh Oweengeh Library (Tesuque), and Jeannie Whitehorse of Crownpoint Outreach Center took part in the training and received their certification. Next spring, there will be programs in public libraries to support financial literacy training. In addition to the organizations already mentioned, great materials are available from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Money Smart is a free curriculum available from FDIC, and programs are geared for all ages.

For more information on this topic, contact Alana McGrattan, Tribal Libraries Program Coordinator.

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