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Thomas Branigan Memorial Library Presents Virtual Death Cafe

Discussions around death and mortality are often avoided and thought of as depressing or uncomfortable, especially in a COVID world. But death is a natural part of life, no matter the circumstances. Around the globe, many people are starting to have conversations, sometimes philosophical, sometimes practical, about what it means to die.

As part of that global conversation, Branigan Library is pleased to offer a Virtual Death Café at 1 p.m. Friday, February 5.

The Virtual Death Café is an hour-long discussion where people talk about death and their relationships with death. The Café offers a directed discussion with no set agenda and seeks to normalize death and dying; to invite people to consider what death means to them, stripped of negativity and fear. The Death Café is a discussion group rather than a grief support, informational or counseling session. Café participants are invited to share their experiences and thoughts, and participate in an open, honest dialogue about a subject that has long been considered taboo.

For more information and the Zoom invites to the meeting, contact Brita Sauer at 575/528-4085 or

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