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Summer Reading at the Santa Clara Pueblo Community Library

The Santa Clara Pueblo Community Library Summer Reading Program, is hosting people from the community who help to “Build A Better World” with the work they do daily. Our first community presenter for our summer reading program 2017, was Nora Naranjo Morse.  She is  a  Santa Clara Pueblo author and artist who also happens to be a library board member.  Nora currently uses recycled materials she finds at the landfill to create beautiful and unique art pieces. Several of the pieces are on display in galleries throughout the country!  Our readers were very interested in what can be made from recyclable  items such as paper rolls, tomato plant stands, wire and paper. More importantly though, are the photos Nora showed the group,  of our huge landfills, and photos of a large bird which scientists collected and analyzed to see what they eat. The bird photo showed all kinds of small pieces of various household and common plastic items in its stomach, that it had ingested. She showed the kids a plastic bag and said each person will collect hundreds of plastic bags per year and birds and animals in the wild mistake stuff like this for food. To make a better world she said, it is urgent that we, the youth  should recycle the bags (and many other things), make art with them and use a canvas bag to carry groceries and other stuff. The readers all agreed how important it is  to recycle and help save our world  from some seriously devastating damage. We then made a unique piece of recycled art which will be on exhibit in the library to show how creative and artistic our readers are!!



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