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Santa Fe Public Library: Librarian Assistant, Apply by 2/10

tin workThe Santa Fe Public Library is seeking a Librarian Assistant for Technical Services.

Salary: $14.81-26.60

Provides assistance to library patrons in various sections of the library, including working with library cataloging and fiscal operations. May oversee a small staff of volunteers or the work of library technicians.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS (A position may not include all of the duties listed, nor do the listed examples include all duties that may be found in a position of this class.)

Catalogs and classifies new book and media titles to provide easy retrieval for patrons.
Ensures accuracy and consistency of data in materials and bibliographic records; produces formatted records on OCLC, attaching order information as required. Troubleshoots cataloging problems.
Provides instruction in cataloging tools and techniques to new employees performing cataloging functions.

Verifies all information on each title ordered by the library and information on all material invoices for accuracy of fiscal records and payments. Operates with both city and library fiscal systems.
Receives and processes all renewals for all subscription orders; magazines, microfiche, telephone directories, etc.
Works closely with vendors and library staff to ensure that all serials, fiche and directories are being received accurately; troubleshoots problem subscriptions.
Submits payments to city accounts payable to pay vendors.
Receives, unpacks and verifies book orders; distributes materials to appropriate areas; prepares books for circulation.
Full details and application procedures available here.

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