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People of The Land: Exhibit at the Hobbs Public Library

February 22, 2016–April 17, 2016

This February, an exhibit launched at the Hobbs Public Library. People of the Land: Exploring the Art Hobbs Image 13and Antiquities of New Mexico is a multi-phased exhibition bringing together select objects from some of the premier private collections of Santa Fe New Mexico. The exhibition explores the influence of New Mexico’s landscape and lifeways in the creation of artistic works across millennia of New Mexico history.

Featuring works by Native, Hispanic and Anglo Artists, People of the Land: Exploring
the Art and Antiquities of New Mexico is designed to make art accessible to all New Mexicans and introduce the artistic heritage of New Mexico to all corners of the state. People of the Land: Exploring the Art and Antiquities of New Mexico is organized and sponsored by Southwest Museum of Art and Antiquities (SWMoAA).

About the The Southwest Museum of Art and Antiquities

Historically many private collections of art and antiquities were donated to museums and were put away in storage never to been seen again. The founders created the SWMoAA with the mission of developing mobile exhibitions, allowing their collections to tour the state reaching the most rural and
underrepresented parts of New Mexico.

The founders envision that through greater exposure to art and history we can help all New Mexicans understand what makes our state so special and unique. The founders also hope that these exhibitions will help inspire a new generation of collectors who will ensure the future of these art forms and the uniquely New Mexican cultural traditions they represent.

A big thanks to the Director and Staff of the Hobbs Public Library for facilitating this pilot exhibit and making it a big success!

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