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Over One Hundred Books Available for Free on Albuquerque Genealogical Society Website

To: The Librarians of New Mexico

From: Albuquerque Genealogical Society (AGS) <<< >>>

SUBJECT: Availability of NM Historical Documents On-Line

Dear Librarians,

We are pleased to inform you that over one hundred books published by the Albuquerque Genealogical Society are now available for FREE through our newly updated AGS website at      <<< >>>.

Our publications include indexes of names from the Albuquerque newspapers from 1888-2001, indexes of names from the 1885 and 1910 New Mexico Territorial Censuses, and more.  These indexes and other publications were created through thousands of volunteered hours by our members, and most of the projects were spearheaded by long-time volunteer and AGS member Howard Henry.

On our Home Page, just click PUBLICATIONS in the lower left and you will see an overview of our publications as well as links to our digitized publications on Internet Archive.   We will be adding a few additional publications in the months ahead.  We have also distributed print copies of our publications to public libraries throughout the state.

We hope you find these documents useful for your clients.


Linda Koch, AGS President & John Adam Farris, AGS Past President

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