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Operation Cargo

Submitted by Rebecca Salazer, director of the David F. Cargo Library at Villanueva

“Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion. Michael Jordan

This is absolutely true, the building blocks of the David F Cargo Library in Villanueva has been in existence since the late 1990s. However, with newly employed staff this year of 2018, many great things have been happening! Ms. Karen McPheeters, the Library Director of Farmington responded to my global email to other Library Directors and Librarians in New Mexico in need of bookshelf units because our shelves were at full capacity from myself, Rebecca Salazar, the Director of the David F Cargo Library in Villanueva NM.

Ms. Karen Mcpheeters said yes, come and get them! Farmington’s previous library was 100,000 square feet and now they have a new library; it is the size of a shopping mall. For a month, volunteers of the David F Cargo Library in Villanueva planned the trip; on July 15, 2018 they set forth towards their adventure.  The volunteers that went to Farmington to obtain the bookshelving units were Kimberly Stoppel, IT Social Media & Website Consultant, Rebecca Salazar, Ms. Aggie Ortega, the board president, her husband, Mr. Tony Ortega, and Bill Salazar. The Following day, we arrived at 9am with a 26 foot U-haul. Ms. Karen already had her crew of 4 people to join our forces to load the library goods. It took about  3-4 hours to load. Before  leaving for Villanueva, the volunteers had the opportunity to tour the Farmington Library.” What a great library which gives our small rural library inspiration.” Stated Ms. Ortega.  It took 8 hours to unload the trailer at the Villanueva Library the next day with half the amount of people than they had the day before in the sweltering heat.  Thank you Roger Sena, Gladys Salazar, Jim Ballard, Tony Ortega, Robert Madrid,and many others who assisted int his joint venture. Pictures can only describe the Villanueva Library’s transformation. Thank you Farmington and Shiprock Library for your kindness and generosity. The David F Cargo Library is looking more inviting and professional! This will be a continued work in progress.

Karen McPheeters, Bill Salazar, Rebecca Salazar, Aggie Ortega, Tony Ortega, Farmington Staff and forefront is Kimberly Stoppel.
Emily Farmer and her family visiting from Colorado during the Transformation.


The Amazing Tour at the Farmington Library which gave us inspiration for our rural library.


Ms. Karen McPheeters, Library Director of Farmington NM and Mr. John Kennedy, Library Facilities Coordinator
Transformation: Before and After Pictures of the Main Library of the David F Cargo Library Villanueva.
Before and After Pictures of the Children’s Corner Library of the David F Cargo Library Villanueva.
Newly Erected Computer Lab Summer 2018

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