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Office of Archeological Studies to Deliver Outreach Programs to Public Libraries for Summer Reading 2014

The Office of Archeological Studies will present hands-on, educational programs about the science and technology of the ancient world. These programs are sponsored by the State Library and are being offered free to the public in libraries around the state.OAS-srp2014-jal

Interact with a hands-on archaeology exhibit that presents a timeline of New Mexico archaeology and lifeways from Paleo-Indian to the current 21st Century. This is “come-and-go” style program is displayed over the course of a day, with a chance for patrons to stop, learn and interact. The hands-on exhibit provides learning and education through one-on-one discussion with an archaeologist, up-close experience with artifacts, and the interactive experience of being able to touch and handle a wide range of New Mexico artifacts. There is lots of “Fizz and Boom” in this presentation! It has been recognized twice nationally with the Excellence in Public Education award.

Joyce Pittam of Woolworth Community Library wrote:

“We were fortunate to have Chuck Hannaford visit in Jal today, and what an awesome program!! We had very close to 150 people total come & go through the day, and had about 55 attend the presentation he gave at a scheduled time during the day. Mr. Hannaford was incredibly knowledgeable in his field and was able to impart that knowledge in creative and interesting ways. The hands-on experience was a huge success and made the program even more captivating.

Thank you so much for your part in making this program available to libraries around the state! What a tremendous opportunity!”

Please visit the OAS’s website for more information: and contact individual libraries for program times.

Date Location Library Contact
Tuesday, 6/3 Lovington Lovington Public Library 575-396-3144
Wednesday, 6/4 Eunice Eunice Public Library 575-394-2336
Thursday, 6/5 Jal Woolworth Community Library 575-395-3268
Tuesday, 6/10 Hatch Hatch Public Library 575-267-5132
Wednesday, 6/11 Columbus Columbus Village Library 575-531-2612
Thursday, 6/12 Gila Gila Valley Library 575-535-4120
Thursday, 6/19 Anton Chico David F. Cargo El Valle de Anton Chico Library 575-799-3476
Friday, 6/20 Clayton Albert W. Thompson Memorial Library 575-374-9423



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