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NewsBank 2019 Summer Reading Resources

NewsBank’s new Summer Reading Resource Center offers tools to engage your patrons and leverage your NewsBank resource.

Find Info about Apollo 11 here.

Here are the main features of the Resource Center:

New Summer Reading Category
A new “2019 Summer Reading” category—aligned with the A Universe of Stories™ theme—has been added to the front page of your NewsBank interface.  Patrons can now quickly access articles related to Astronomy, Science Fiction, the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, Space Exploration and much more.

Online Scavenger Hunt 
This fun activity challenges young readers to search for answers to questions about Space Exploration.

Ready-to-Use Social Media Posts
These pre-written posts can be used to promote your Summer Reading program on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. New posts will be sent your way in July and August.

Helpful Search Tips
These useful tips will help your patrons find information relevant to their topic more quickly and easily.

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