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New Year’s Marketing Idea from Carlsbad Public Library

Cassandra Arnold, director of the Carlsbad Public Library, sent along this document (pdf) she made for her library. She says:

I just realized that we can get so caught up in our fiscal year and budget deadlines that we forget our patrons are more likely on a calendar year cycle. So I put together a few stats and newsie items to let our patrons know what we’ve been doing this year. It turned into a beaut of a marketing tool, too!

She highlights a mix of items, from the new carpeting the lobby, to the new services offered, to SRP attendance. Here are a few:
• Began circulating ereader devices so everyone has access to digital library materials
• Raised $2,500 at the annual Friends of the Library Book Sale for library programs and materials
• Initiated a major weeding project to update the average copyright date of the collection
• Started a Library Facebook page
• Celebrated Library Lovers’ Month with a “Have a Blind Date with a Book” raffle
• Added 65 emagazines and Mango Language Learning software to the library collection
• Added wireless printing capability for patrons with laptops

See the full document here. (pdf)

The list of accomplishments ends with a great new slogan:
Carlsbad Public Library – What do you want to know?

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