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New Mexico Celebrates Literacy!

This week and next, we invite public libraries throughout New Mexico to join in celebrating literacy as part of New Mexico Celebrates Literacy!NM_LetWeek_final

This year, the Public Education Department, with the support of the New Mexico State Library, is encouraging schools throughout the state to join in a 2-weeklong celebration of reading, May 4-May 17. New Mexico Celebrates Literacy Week aims to emphasize the joy of literacy and encourage all to celebrate reading through language rich events.

How Libraries Can Get Involved

PED has sent a memo to schools throughout the state — Great news! It highlights summer reading programs at public libraries. Learn more here: .

If you haven’t done so already, this is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to your local schools and try to schedule an outreach event, to help promote your summer reading program and strengthen the community effort to make reading important for all.

Already have an outreach event scheduled? Please let me know – we’d like to track these events, share news on the Hitchhiker, and highlight all our public libraries do to help fight the “summer slide.”

What’s Happening at Libraries Around the State This Week

Espanola Public Library

  • This week, The Espanola Public Library will be  celebrating with “Indiana Bones Storyteller” on Thursday, May 7th at 10 am.

Aztec Public Library

  • May 5th Park Avenue and Lydia Rippey Elementary: handed out 1000 program registration brochures
  • May 6th McCoy:  600  program registration brochures
    Aztec librarian dressed as Super Woman in her cape and tights, encouraging kids to challenge parent or guardian to read 6 books and the child would read 15 books. This  includes the entire family to join in reading.
    Incentives from school librarians for those who do summer reading, earn the super hero t-shirt and wear it back to school on the first day
    Activities: Talked about being a school super hero by not bullying.
    Games: Super speed, and super strength
  • Mosaic Academy Charter School: 600 brochures.
  • Boys and Girls Club: 75 registration brochures.
  • May 8th library table at the Head Start celebration at Microtel: games, activities and Summer Reading sign-ups.
  • At our weekly pre-school storytime each Thursday we talk about the importance of reading with young ones, and encourage signing up.
  • We have installed yard signs on street corners surrounding the library encouraging Summer Reading sign ups, and mounted displays in two information kiosks around the town and in the glass display case at the entrance to the library.
  • May 5th: At the city staff association Cinco de Mayo potluck  we gave out brochures to staff members with children.

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