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New Library of Congress Annual Literacy Awards

Library of Congress logoThe Library of Congress has a announced a new program that will recognize and support individuals and institutions in the United States and abroad that have made significant contributions to combating illiteracy and aliteracy (having the ability to read but simply not exercising the skill): The Library of Congress Literacy Awards.

Beginning in 2013, three prizes will be awarded annually:

  • The David M. Rubenstein Prize ($150,000), for a groundbreaking contribution to the sustained advancement of literacy by any individual or entity worldwide
  •  The American Prize ($50,000), for a project developed and implemented during the past decade with special emphasis on combating aliteracy
  • The International Prize ($50,000), for the work of an individual, nation or nongovernmental organization working in a specific country or region

More information about the awards, selection criteria and application are available on the Literacy Awards website.

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