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New! Continuing Education Courses for Public Libraries

The Library Development Services Bureau here at NMSL is pleased to announce a new schedule of courses and programs for public library directors and staff, just in time for the new year! The training program includes webinars, face-to-face, and on-request courses, covering topics from foundational skills to advanced library and computer skills. See the complete course listing here >>

Flipped Classroom
These courses provide targeted, on-request training, one-on-one, tailored to your specific needs and background knowledge. Sign up for a 20-30 minute course on topics ranging from Microsoft Office, to grant writing, to social media, and to writing strong library plans and policies.

Library Development Services Staff will be hosting and conducting a number of webinars in the new year. These webinars will provide strong general training on high-demand topics, as well as guidance on specific programs from the New Mexico State Library. Webinars will be recorded; however we highly encourage live attendance so we can answer your questions during the training.

Topics include weeding, Summer Reading programs, the Notice of Obligation, Community Assessments, the Annual Report and State Aid Application, and Tracking State Aid & GO Bond Spending for Reporting.

Face-to-Face Workshops
Workshops and trainings will be hosted around the state, including information from the Libraries Transform New Mexico Initiative, grant writing, and an exciting early literacy program, Mother Goose on the Loose. Some dates and times are still to be determined, so check the continuing education website for updates, and stay tuned to the Hitchhiker Digest.

See the complete course listing here >>

Contact the Library Development Services Staff at or Ryanne Cooper at .

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