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NASA Invites Public to Sign Poem That Will Fly Aboard Europa Clipper



Have you ever wanted to break away from the confines of Earth?

Did you ever dream of exploring strange worlds?


In a small way you can travel in space as part of NASA’s Europa – Message in a Bottle project. Sign your name to U.S. Poet Laureate Ada Limón’s poem, “In Praise of Mystery: A Poem for Europa,” dedicated to NASA’s Europa Clipper mission. The poem and the names of participants will be etched on microchips mounted NASA’s robotic Europa Clipper spacecraft.The deadline for submissions is December 2023.

To read or listen to Ada Limón recite the poem or add your name to the Europa journey go to Sign On | Message in a Bottle.  Vea “Elogio al misterio: un poema para la astronave Europa” en Espanol .

To learn more about the mission, visit this site –

Also, explore the site where you will find a worldwide participation map, coloring pages, and activities such as Write Your Own Space Poetry, and Models, Stickers, Posters & More.

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