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NALSIG at ATALM, Awards, and More

Contributed by Alana McGrattan, Tribal Libraries Program Coordinator

ATALM (Association of Tribal Libraries, Archives and Museums) meeting was held at Tamaya Resort Oct. 9 through 12. The Honored One Award was presented to Regis Pecos, Santa Fe Indian School Leadership Institute and Senior Policy Advisor to Majority Office, New Mexico House of Representatives. It was a recognition of his unrelenting belief that Tribal Libraries are at the center of learning, language and community. The Leadership Award was given to Rose Diaz, Library Director and Senior Research Historian at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Rose has empowered the Native people of New Mexico to build and manage successful libraries, archives and collections so that they can continue to preserve this aspect of their cultural heritage for generations to come. The Library Institutional Excellence Award was given to Laguna Public Library/Pueblo of Laguna in recognition of their continued library service since 1974 in providing leadership from Liz Wacondo, first library director to Janice Kowemy present library director. Both Liz and Janice have been essential to the New Mexico Library community and especially the tribal library community worldwide.

NALSIG at the ATALM conference with Cynthia Aguilar, Library Director Santo Domingo Pueblo Public Library and present Chair of NALSIG, Alana McGrattan, Tribal Libraries Program Coordinator, Maureen Wacondo, Jemez Pueblo Community Library, Teresa Naranjo, library director Santa Clara Pueblo Community Library and Janice Kowemy, Library Director Laguna Public Library. Janice is also pictured on the screen behind her where 5 library directors are featured in a Historypin project profiling their tribal libraries. This 15 minute video includes, Janice, Cynthia, Maureen and Teresa and not pictured is Lillian Chavez, Library Director at Mescalero Community Library.

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