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Meet the State Library: Rural Services

Everyday this week for National Library Week, we’re introducing you to the different departments of the New Mexico State Library.

New Mexico has many rural areas throughout the state.  Luckily, they also have the Rural Services Program through the New Mexico State Library which is federally funded through the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) through the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) Grant to States.  Without this funding of $1.4 million a year (only $1 million allotted for LSTA 17), it is doubtful that the 3 Rural Bookmobiles and the Books by Mail would exist.

The three bookmobiles roll out to 24 counties throughout the month.  The services provided are greatly appreciated by the 1,476 active card holders who come to their specific stop each month for books, videos and audio items.  You can click on the link to see their monthly schedules:

The East Bookmobile is housed in Tucumcari, NM. Liana Morales, Bookmobile Manager; Marcia Valverde, Library Technician and Linda Russell, Library Technician love going out on the road to deliver services to their very appreciative patrons. The Rural Bookmobile East circulates 19,094 items in their collection.

The Northeast Bookmobile is housed in Cimarron, NM. Laura Gonzales, Bookmobile Manager and Phillip Saiz, Library Technician keep busy stocking their bookmobile for the next travel as well as making sure they have enough volunteers to staff the Cimarron Library while they are on the road. The Rural Bookmobile Northeast has some of the best views on their travels as they deliver 12,972 items to their very appreciative patrons.

The West Bookmobile is housed in Los Lunas, NM. Wendy Roberts, Bookmobile Manager; Robert Marquez, Library Technician and Karen Fleming, Library Technician know their patrons well and plan ahead for books they will want to read far into the future. The Rural Bookmobile West circulates 15,246 in their collection.

Books by Mail is a book delivery services offered to rural residents of New Mexico who do not have access to a State, Public or Developing Library or Rural Bookmobile stop. This service is also available to New Mexico resident who are homebound because of a physical disability and are unable to visit a local library or who can only read large print books due to a visual disability. Teresa Martinez, Library Technician and Veronica Marquez, Library Technician pride themselves at having a 24 hour turn around on the book requests they receive via phone, fax and email from their 352 active households!

You can learn more about Books by Mail and their catalog of 26,621 items 6,143 items at

Rural Services in action

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