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Library Profile: Anton Chico


Library Name & Location
David F. Cargo El Valle de Anton Chico Library, Anton Chico, NM

Number of Staff & Volunteers
2 (1 Librarian/Volunteer-Breezy Gutierrez, 1 Board Member/Volunteer-Juliette Apodaca)

Number of Library Card Holders


Years in Service
1 year

Greatest Challenge
The greatest challenge was getting a library established in the community.  A lot of work and time was involved but it finally came to fruition.  Now, we face the task of being able to secure funds for operation, salaries, etc.

What are you reading?
Volunteer 1 – Everything! Right now the Beautiful Creatures Series
Volunteer 2 – A Child Called It

Famous Visitors
David F. Cargo, Jeff Bingaman, Janice Arnold-Jones, Roberto Mondragon

Do you have a library pet?
No, but our volunteer/board member is convinced we have a spiritual visitor (ghost) in the library.  It is harmless and only makes messes with the toilet paper in one of the bathrooms!

Something interesting you would like others to know about your library…
This library was built from the hard work and determination of five community members who devoted their free time and fundraising efforts to establishing this library.  Breezy Gutierrez, Juliette Apodaca, Virginia Sotelo, Adolfo Romero, and Terri Romero.  Governor David F. Cargo was a great role player in offering his assistance and resources to helping us build the library and secure some funding.  We also have a great volunteer who lives and drives from Santa Fe when she can, Susan Sheldon, who has assisted us with cataloging, sorting through books, etc.  We are blessed to have her help!

A very generous donation from David F. Cargo’s personal library.
Circ counter
A great spot to enjoy the library. When we visited, we marveled over the very cool computer workstation (the chair to the left in photo).
Brand new library, stocked…and ready to go!

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