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Letter Writing and Postcrossing Club

By Carmelita Aragon, State Data Coordinator, NMSL

Alysa at the International District Public Library in Albuquerque has been using Postcrossing for several years and started an account for the library to create the Letter Writing and Postcrossing Club, which plans to meet monthly. The plan is to create a display within the library of all the postcard received. I attended the inaugural meeting this past week and sent a postcard to someone in Canada through the library’s account.

Alysa explained that people who sign up can write a little about themselves as well as what types of postcards they wish to receive. She also mentioned that you don’t always have to send a requested postcard, but if you have it, why not? People are just happy to receive a postcard to register on Postcrossing.

Since Alysa has been participating for a while, she was kind enough to share with attendees her personal collection of postcards she’s been collecting – two shoe boxes full! The postcard I selected to send to the person in Canada was a beautiful sunset picture of White Sands National Park. I chose this particular card since one of the person’s requests was for beautiful scenery postcards.

It is free to create a Postcrossing account and it seems like something libraries can create programming around for engaging with their communities. If you decide to create library programming around Postcrossing let us know how it goes!

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