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Job Opening: State Library – Youth Services and Outreach Consultant

State_Library_blog 3-24-14_2The NMSL Development Bureau wants YOU to join our committed staff of library consultants!

We are seeking a Youth Services and Outreach Consultant to add to our team – so if you are an enthusiastic advocate of literacy, educational opportunities, and dynamic library services, this position is for you.

The Youth Services and Outreach Consultant will provide support and leadership for youth services programs in public and tribal libraries statewide, as well as partner with library organizations and other agencies to develop and implement exciting opportunities for reading and learning.

The person who takes advantage of this exciting opportunity will…

  • Be an innovator: Design and cultivate dynamic literacy programs to create lasting learning opportunities for New Mexico’s children;
  • Be an organizer: Support library initiatives to promote collaborative efforts to increase and strengthen youth services in public libraries;
  • Be a communicator: Reach out to public libraries and youth services staff to share ideas and cultivate a community & dialog;
  • Be a traveler: The Youth Services and Outreach Consultantwill be based at the New Mexico State Library in beautiful, historic Santa Fe and will travel around this scenic state to work with libraries; and
  • Be a leader! Consult, advise, and coach public library staff to implement effective library services that serve their unique communities.

“OK, I’m intrigued…”

If you have a Master’s Degree from a program accredited by the American Library Association (or recognized by the appropriate body of another country) with experience in providing library services to kids/teens, and at least two years of experience in performing and providing advanced, effective library services….then we invite you to apply!

To apply, please visit the New Mexico State Personnel Office website for the official job posting.

For more information on the State of NM application process, click here.

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