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Interlibrary Loan Newsletter #3

Interlibrary Loan Webinar!

Bring some coffee and all of your ILL questions.
March 21, 2017 at 10:00 A.M.
the State Library will be hosting an ILL webinar.

Christy McPherson will be demonstrating a run through of the features of the ILL website, as well as talking about policies and procedures for libraries to follow.

Potential, new, and current ILL users are all welcome to attend. If you have any questions about the service now is a great time to ask!

Contact: for details to access the webinar.

New Email Feature 

We have added a new feature to help keep you more informed about your requests.

Approximately 4 days after a book has been marked as shipped by the lending library, we will now send you an email notification letting you know that the book has been shipped to you.

You don’t need to notify us that you received the book; however if after a couple weeks the book still has not made it in, you should consider contacting the State Library. We will then do what we can to investigate the request and try to determine where the book is. Hopefully this will help us catch books that have gone astray earlier and provide better turnaround time for your patrons.

Note: Once you are notified that the book has been shipped, we will then change the status of the book to “checked out to customer.” Since we don’t require you to notify us that a book has arrived at your library we cheat the system a bit and mark it as checked out ahead of time. If you have not received the book and it says that it’s already checked out, don’t worry too much about it as we always take that status with a grain of salt.

Misshipments: What to do with a book you never ordered  

If you ever receive an ILL book that you didn’t order, please contact us at the State Library. It is very likely that the book was meant to go to a different library and they are waiting for the book.

When you notify us, it gives us the opportunity to check who actually ordered the book and make arrangements to get it where it needs to go.

Please email or call:
Christy McPherson


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