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Happy First Birthday, Polaris!

cake!One year ago on May 2nd, the SALSA Consortium began a new chapter in life — one shared by the Polaris Library System.

To celebrate this first birthday, the Technical Services Bureau at the State Library hosted a shindig — and party-goers reveled with cake, fried pickles and party hats made of MARC records!

Here are some Polaris facts to go with the funny party hats:

  • 6 fabulous libraries: the National Hispanic Cultural Center, the Angelico Chavez History Library, the New Mexico Museum of Art, the Office of the State Engineer, the New Mexico Coalition for Literacy, and the State Library
  • over 666,000 bib records
  • recent project (Backstage) removed almost 19,000 duplicate bib records, retained over 44,000 “near matches” (we always have projects to do!)
  • almost 800,000 item records, of which:
    • Chavez almost 24,000
    • National Hispanic Cultural Center almost 11,000
    • Coalition for Literacy almost 6300 items
    • Museum of Art almost 7300 items
    • OSE almost 21,000 items
    • State Library almost 730,000 items!
  • over 2200 serials holdings records with over 88,000 issues received
  • almost 8400 patron records
  • 19 staff client access licenses (soon to be 21)
  • SALSA’s server is in Syracuse (say that 10 times quickly)brenda with MARC bib party hat!

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