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From NMLA: Essential Library Policies to Transform Public and School Libraries

NMLA-PoliciesPresentation2One of the sessions I attended at NMLA was “Essential Library Policies to Transform Public and School Libraries” presented by Lorie Mitchell (district librarian for Carlsbad Municipal Schools) and Cassandra Arnold (Director of Carlsbad Public Library).

They did a fabulous job of explaining why policies, and updated policies, are a neNMLA-PoliciesPresentationed to guide your library services; how to evaluate  your policies; how to construct new policies; and how to implement new policies. In particular, they touched on the balance of well-written policies: specific enough to cover your needs, so they can be enforced, yet broad enough to not be too restrictive.

Have you updated your policies lately? If you haven’t looked at your policies in the past few years, chances are your library’s needs have changed, and your policies need to be updated. Get working on it today — and get off on the right foot! Do some research before diving into the project. And be sure to check out Lorie & Cassandra’s presentation, guide, and resources here.

Thanks, Lorie & Cassandra, for the great presentation & resources!

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