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Library Profile: Fred Macaron Library in Springer



Name & Location: Fred Macaron Public Library in Springer, NM

Number of Staff & Volunteers:
1 Full-time Staff Member — Director Norma Vigil. Open to the public 40 hours/week.

Years in Service:
Library has been open at this location since 1973, although it was in the old courthouse prior to that.

Most Popular Program:Springer3
Summer Reading. The free pool passes the kids get as part of the program are very popular and keep them coming back.

Library Pet:
Chucky… He lives in the basement. (Yikes!)

Great Patron Moment:
Norma clearly loves her community and library. She says they get a lot of interesting visitors, and she said it is especially neat to re-visit with classmates from school days past and to hear stories from people who remember the history of the library. But this one story is so touching — it really illustrates the special place libraries are. Springer lies along winding, picturesque back-lane roads frequented by cross-country bicycle riders. The Fred Macaron Public Library serves as a much needed paraje for weary travelers to take a break and catch up on their email.  One brisk day, one of those travelers shared with Norma his plans to camp in the park that night. “Noooo!,” Norma said. “I couldn’t let him do that, it was so chilllly!” So, she called the police station. With funds the community has set aside, the police were able to fix the cyclist up with a hotel room for the night.  In a town like Springer, they help people out — even travelers just passing through.

The inspiration for Barnes & Noble?

Something interesting you would like others to know about your library: The current building was originally a Catholic school. In the basement there is an old wood stove the school kids would gather around on winter days. After that it became a residential home and then a library in 1973. The non-fiction room is in what was…the kitchen! So Norma gets to brew coffee for the patrons.

They have 10 patron computers, and really fast Internet (I can attest to that!)
Non-Fiction & Meeting Room
The Southwest Room

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