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Every Performer Has a Story: SRP Performers 2015

Who are your performers this year?Slogan Text

I’d like to start a list of the performers you all will be working with this year for summer reading events. I think if we update this list each summer,  this might be the best way to keep a live, current list of performers and libraries who can speak to their programs.

Share your performers with me! Simply email me a list of who is coming and I will add them to this page here. Please provide the following information:

  • Performer Name
  • Contact Info
  • Category (i.e. storyteller, music, magic, STEM, etc.)
  • Any other useful information
  • Specify whether you would like your library’s name listed, so other libraries can contact you for a reference.

Have a great performer? Share your story here!

The Hitchhiker is open for all NM librarians to post, so feel free to celebrate great performances here. Contact me — I can give you a log in for WordPress (library staff only, please). Or if you prefer, you can email me your story and I can post for you!

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