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Employment Opportunity: Reader’s Experience Coordinator, Library for the Blind and Print Disabled


The Library for the Blind and Print Disabled-New Mexico State Library is hiring a Reader’s Experience Coordinator.

For full details and to apply visit NM SPO

Posting End Date 02/23/2024

Please note that while the position will remain posted until 2/23/24 first review of applications will begin 2/7/24.  


$22.40 – $35.84 Hourly

$46,591 – $74,545 Annually

This position is a Pay Band 65

Please visit us at

Why does the job exist?

Serves the Library for the Blind and Print Disabled (LBPD) as primary Reader Services coordinator and content curator, Keystone database administrator, volunteer services support coordinator, technical support, and program services publicist.

How does it get done?

Acts as a liaison between Library for the Blind and Print Disabled (LBPD) and Keystone, fostering effective communication and collaboration to enhance overall operational efficiency. Collaborates closely with staff to develop best practices and workflows, optimizing organizational processes. The role involves running queries and generating reports from the KLAS database, ensuring data-driven decision-making.Conducts a thorough review of all new titles added to the program. Works diligently to identify and maintain local subjects based on patron needs. Takes charge of loading new records and content ratings. Maintains record accuracy, focusing on series sequencing and heading accuracy. This position involves the creation of reading lists, starter sets, and genre reviews.Beyond operational tasks, the position requires periodic coordination with media outlets to communicate volunteer support opportunities within LBPD. Provides support to Reader Services, particularly in areas such as player inventory and distribution. Plays a pivotal role in editing and printing the quarterly newsletter and occasionally conducts in-person and recorded training sessions on LBPD services, with a specific emphasis on BARD usage.

Who are the customers?

New Mexico residents who are eligible for audiobook and braille services based on disability determinations.

Ideal Candidate

Associate’s degree or higher in administrative or library related field; four (4) or more years of experience in a library, business or related service occupation; experience in knowledge areas such as customer and personal service and communications and media.

Minimum Qualification

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and two (2) years of experience in the procedures of business and management principles involved in strategic planning. Substitutions Apply.

Agency Contact Information: John Mugford 505-476-9772 or Email:

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