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Employment Opportunity: Line II Manager NM State Library Bookmobile West

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Job ID 100110
Location Los Lunas
Posting End Date 07/20/2018
Agency Department of Cultural Affairs
Full/Part Time Full-Time
Regular/Temporary Sponsored Term
Job Posting Type Continuous Job Opening


$17.01 – $29.60 Hourly

$35,381 – $61,568 Annually

This position is a Pay Band 70

Purpose of Position

No job description available

Why does the job exist?

This positron ls responsible for providing and ensuring quality, tailored, direct public library services for rural New Mexicans. This position will manage, evaluate, and promote the bookmobile program In a multi-county-region. This position supervises two (2) library technicians who assist In providing library services via a 31+ foot bus.

How does it get done?

This position will:
-Provide quality library services on the Bookmobile to rural patrons using all appropriate and available resources.
-Oversee finance to Include proposing an annual budget and overseeing all purchases, deposits and balances In accordance to policies and procedures as well as tracking quarterly statistics.
-Manage and build a library collection based on patron preferences and entering that collection in the library system for check out by patrons and tracking of collection.
-Promote marketing and outreach of other programs for rural residents such as Books by Mall and library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.
-Schedule vehicular maintenance and repairs and maintains an ongoing log of work performed and dates.
-Supervise and train staff In submitting per diem forms, making P-card reservations and performing all duties related to
providing library services.

Who are the customers?

Library patrons In rural New Mexico who access the West Bookmobile.

Ideal Candidate

The Ideal Candidate will have experience:
-Scheduling, monitoring and maintaining vehicles.
-Finance experience in budgeting programs, ordering books and or materials, reconciling accounts to source documentation and handling monetary transactions.
-Experience overseeing circulation and resource sharing services in a library.
-Experience in financial bookkeeping.

Minimum Qualification

A Bachelor’s Degree in any field of study from an accredited college or university and four (4) years of heavy supervisory or limited professional level experience operating within strict parameters and guidelines directly related to the purpose of the position defined by the agency at the time of recruitment. Substitutions Apply. See Substitution Table below. Agency may designate that a portion of the required experience to include supervisory and/or specialized experience. Any required licensure, certification or registration shall be defined at the time of recruitment and will be in addition to the above requirements.

Substitution Table

These combinations of education and experience qualify you for the position:

Education Experience
1 High School Diploma or Equivalent AND 8 years of experience
2 Associate’s degree AND 6 years of experience
3 Bachelor’s degree AND 4 years of experience
4 Master’s degree AND 2 years of experience
5 PhD degree AND 0 years of experience

• Education and years of experience must be related to the purpose of the position.

• If Minimum Qualification requires a specific number of “semester hours” in a field (e.g. 6 semester hours in Accounting), applicants MUST have those semester hours in order to meet the minimum qualifications. No substitutions apply for semester hours.

Employment Requirements

Must possess and maintain a valid Driver’s License.  Must possess and maintain a current Defensive Driving Course Certificate from the State of New Mexico or must pass and receive Defensive Driving Course Certification as a condition of continued employment.  Pre-employment background investigation is required and is conditional pending results.

Working Conditions

Driving of a 31+ foot Bookmobile on rural roads and highways, climbing, standing, reaching, stooping, lifting and  carrying books on and off the bus from bookmobile office.  Computer use, telephone use, extreme temperatures, noise, vibrations, fumes, odors and dust.

Supplemental Information


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Agency Contact Information: Amber Espinosa-Trujillo, (505) 476-9723 Email

Bargaining Unit Position

This position is not covered by a collective bargaining agreement.

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