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Employment Opportunity: Librarian & Information Specialist, New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe

Librarian & Information Specialist (DCA #4526)

New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe

To apply, visit the full job description.


$17.35 – $30.19 Hourly

$36,097 – $62,800 Annually

This position is a Pay Band 70

Purpose of Position

Interviews are anticipated to be conducted within two weeks of closing date.

Why does the job exist?

The New Mexico Museum of Art Librarian & Information Specialist provides information to library patrons, including researchers, museum staff and volunteers. This position promotes the museum by disseminating information about the museum, programs, collection, and related subjects by creating online resources for staff and the public, including updating and developing the museum website and social media channels.

How does it get done?

Oversee and develop library and archives by ensuring appropriate cataloging, finding aids and locations are in place and maintained.  Provide access to information by creating online resources for staff and public access, including updating and development of the museum website.  Disseminate information about the museum, its collection and related subjects.  Provide research and reference support for museum staff and the public.

Who are the customers?

The public, researchers, donors, staff and volunteers.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate has:
– Worked in an art library.
– Experience providing adult research and reference in a library setting.
– Developed library and archive policies and procedures around cataloging, finding aids and locations
– Experience utilizing XML
– Experience with content management systems.
– Experience with various software content systems for libraries.
– Proficiency in knowledge of Microsoft Suite.


Minimum Qualification

Master’s degree from a program accredited by the American Library Association (or recognized by the appropriate body of another country) with two (2) years of experience in performing and providing advanced library technical operations, effective library and information services, plus cataloging experience and managerial experience. Substitutions Apply. See Substitution Table below.

Substitution Table

These combinations of education and experience qualify you for the position:

  Education   Experience
1 Master’s degree or higher in the field(s) specified in the minimum qualification AND 2 years of experience
  • Education and years of experience must be related to the purpose of the position.
  • If Minimum Qualification requires a specific number of “semester hours” in a field (e.g. 6 semester hours in Accounting), applicants MUST have those semester hours in order to meet the minimum qualifications. No substitutions apply for semester hours.

Employment Requirements

Must possess and maintain a valid New Mexico Driver’s License. Must possess and maintain a current Defensive Driving Course Certificate from the State of New Mexico or must pass and receive Defensive Driving Course Certification as a condition of continued employment.

Working Conditions

Work is performed in an office setting with exposure to Visual/Video Display Terminal (VDT) and extensive computer and phone usage. Position continuously works with LCD projectors, Microsoft Office Suite and Photoshop (or equivalent software).

Supplemental Information


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Agency Contact Information: Rebecca Aubin, (505) 476-5118, or email:

For information on Statutory Requirements for this position, click the Classification Description link on the job advertisement.

Bargaining Unit Position

This position is covered by a collective bargaining agreement and all terms/conditions of that agreement apply and must be adhered to.

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