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Employment Opportunity: Contracts Administrator, Santa Fe Public Library

Santa Fe Public Library is hiring a Contracts Administrator.

Posting Start : 02/08/2024

Posting End : 03/10/2024

HOURLY RATE RANGE: $19.54-$29.31

Santa Fe Public Library is currently looking to hire a Contracts Administrator. This position manages all library vendors contracts and services as well as the overall budget, with the Library Director and the Community Services Department.

For full details and to apply – City of Santa Fe

Education Requirement
Bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting, public administration, economics, finance, or related field.

Experience Requirement
Three (3) years experience in financial reporting, budget preparation, business computer applications, or related field

Education and Experience Equivalency
An equivalent combination of education and experience. Preference given for contract administration experience

Qualification Requirements
To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential function satisfactorily. The requirements
listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill and/or ability required. A position may not include all of the duties listed and
the listed examples are not an exhaustive list of the duties that may be found in a position of this class.

Essential Functions (A position may not include all of the duties listed, nor do the listed examples include all duties that may be
found in a position of this class).
 Develops professional service agreements (PSA), request for proposal (RFP) bid packages, and contract amendments;
 Processes memos, resolutions, contracts, agreements, informational items, etc. through the committee and City Council
administrative process, i.e., coordinating with appropriate staff in legal, PUC, PWC, Finance, and City Clerk to place
items on agenda.
 Provides financial oversight of project budgets; prepares spreadsheets to track revenues, expenditures, and expiration
dates for all contracts, agreements, and grants;
 Prepares contract and project purchase orders; processes and tracks related payments.
 Manages loan programs as assigned; issues loan amounts; tracks monthly billing and payments.
 Issues late notices as needed.
 Helps prepare annual division/department budgets; develops tracking system for all division budgets.
 Reconciles revenue, expenditures, and encumbrances with City system.
 Prepares cash flow analysis and year end budget projections.
 Prepares various Finance Committee items to ensure that budget–grant funding revenue and expenditure–is carried out
upon approval.
 Prepares Finance Department forms and helps prepare, reconcile, and track same with the approved budget through
the administrative process.
 Develops and maintains detailed records of project costs, financial reports, and status reports using database and
spreadsheet applications.
 Updates governing body; requests mid-year review from Finance Director and division/department director as needed.
 Audits project costs from enterprise funds for mid-year reporting for review by City Council.
 Prepares, logs, and tracks agreements, quantity sheets, and authorizations.
 Processes change orders and amendments on large projects.
 Prepares final “as-built” quantities and project closeout documents.
 Helps prepare/coordinate presentation materials for meetings and hearings, i.e., power point slides, lap top, projector,
handouts, spreadsheets, etc.
 Performs other related duties as assigned.
 Writes and submits grant applications to potential funding sources to secure funds necessary for continued program
 Additional Essential Functions for Assignment for Library Division:
 Assists in the ordering and invoicing of Library materials (books and media) and supplies from library vendors.
 Prepares reports for Federal, State, County and local (Friends of the Library) on Bond, MOU, and oher grant
 Compiles financial reports for required annual State Library reports, and other library entity reports.
 Unpacks shipments of library orders.

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