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Employment Opportunity: Administrator, New Mexico Library Association

The New Mexico Library Association is hiring an Administrator to manage the administrative affairs of the Association.

Please send a one page cover letter of interest, resume and 3 references by email to:
Ruben Aragón
New Mexico Library Association

Administrator – New Mexico Library Association

Reports to: NMLA Executive Board
Hours: Roughly 10 hours per week (Nov – June), 20 hours per week (July – Oct)
Salary: $10,000 annually (paid monthly)

● Familiarity with general office practices and procedures, either through formal training or equivalent experience.
● Computer literate, with demonstrated proficiency with word processing, spreadsheet programs, and Zoom platform.
● Strong customer service skills required.
● Must possess good organizational skills, good interpersonal skills and maintain a high degree of confidentiality.
● Previous work experience in a library is preferred but not required.
● Familiarity with Wild Apricot and/or other financial/bookkeeping software preferred
● Applicant must be bondable.
● This position is for an independent contractor who must use their own equipment and supplies to carry out the duties of the position.

● Serve as the first point of contact for the association. Maintain communication with existing and new NMLA members and the board through phone, official NMLA email, NMLA zoom account, and the Wild Apricot membership software. Employ voice messaging to approximate real time response during business hours. A separate phone line will be answered “New Mexico Library Association”.
● Route all communications promptly to appropriate persons within NMLA. Collect mail from NMLA PO Box bi-monthly, and weekly in the month leading up to the annual conference.
● Process all incoming checks into appropriate bank accounts and provide scanned receipts to NMLA Treasurer via email.
● Work with the membership chair to track online membership payments, approve new member applications and add new members to the NMLA listserv.
● Provide membership, special interest group and committee reports with current member lists, as needed.
● Assist treasurer, membership, and committee chairs with board approved tasks.

Board support:
● Attend Executive Board meetings to be knowledgeable about NMLA business.
● Work with the President to schedule quarterly board meetings and communicate with board members to compile and distribute the quarterly board docket.
● Manage and update board email listserv.
● Assist with on-boarding new board members.
● Other duties as assigned by the NMLA Board

Website/social media:
● Knowledge of social media platforms (facebook, twitter, youtube) used by the association to post information in conjunction with the Communications Committee when necessary.
● Keep NMLA webmaster informed on any changes of NMLA documents that are also maintained on the NMLA website.
● Support webmaster in posting new job vacancies to the NMLA job board.

Conferences/event coordination:
● Assist Members-At-Large with mini-conference arrangements, if scheduled; e.g. registrations and communication with members and vendors.
● Maintain a current list of active and potential library-related vendors and their contact information. Communicate with vendors and solicit vendor registrations and support prior to conferences.
● Solicit sponsorships, program advertisements and scholarship funds (if applicable).
● Assist conference chairs with duties and tasks associated with the conferences; e.g., pre-conference registration, Zoom meeting moderation, exhibitor relations, collection and deposit of booth fees into NMLA accounts, forwarding paperwork to proper individuals, ensuring the exhibitor’s logistical needs are met.
● Conference on-site management services include liaison with venue operators, exhibitors, and the NMLA officers, members, and attendees.
● Support local arrangements committee with silent auction and other conference attendee accommodations.

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