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Election 2020 – NM Voting Information

New Mexico State Library’s Voting in New Mexico Libguide provides the community with resources that will help them navigate the voting process from registration to absentee ballots.


Another good resource are: GODORT’s Votinig & Election Toolkits

[H]ere to help [… ] answer questions about voter registration, voter ID requirements, and more! These voting and election toolkits were created for and by librarians across the country and provide non-partisan voting & election information for every state and D.C. In these guides you will find answers to FAQs such as voter eligibility requirements, voter registration deadlines, voter ID requirements, ballot information, absentee voting, and more. 

New Mexico’s voting & election information via GODORT: 


Originally publish Aug. 17, 2020. Updated Sept. 9, 2020.

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