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Did you know that the New Mexico State Library has ebooks available to individuals throughout the state?

This eBook and eAudio book collection, New Mexico Reads, primarily includes Southwest history and culture titles, and fiction by New Mexico authors or set in the Southwest, but the collection is expanding all the time! There is an easy to use app, Axis360

Instructions for how to register as a user and additional information can be found in our research guide, Follow these steps to register for an account at New Mexico Reads: Go to New Mexico Reads

From the collection

For YA readers we recommend A Snake Falls to Earth (available as both an eAudio and an eBook)! This national bestseller has received much aclaim including: a Newbery Award Honor, an American Indian Youth Literature Award Honor, and has a place on the National Book Award Longlist.

A review from School Library Journal: Little Badger’s sophomore effort is an atmospheric, world-straddling, dual-narrative tale laced with themes of climate change, family, and identity. Nina is a Lipan girl living in Texas, a budding documentarian working to find her voice. As she hones her videos over the years, she also works to decipher tales of her family’s history-stories full of animal people and the Reflecting World. Oli is a young cottonmouth, sent away by his mother to find his own way. Lost and beset upon by monsters, he eventually makes a home on the banks of a bottomless lake, where he befriends a frog and two coyote twins. When Oli’s frog friend and Nina’s grandmother are endangered because of climate troubles on Earth, their lives intertwine. Magic and monsters combine with internet stardom and hurricane warnings to create a wonderful fable set in modern-day Texas. Following traditional Lipan Apache storytelling structure, this is an entertaining and illuminating look at how traditions and magic can exist in the modern world. Oli and his friends are delightful to read about, while Nina’s human concerns and love for her grandmother shine. VERDICT A modern-day fable with real-world significance, perfect for magical realism fans and fantasy lovers alike.-Elissa Bongiorno

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