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DIRECTORS’ MEETING held at NMLA Conference, Nov. 2, 2018




The State Library’s Development Bureau held its somewhat ‘traditional’ public libraries Directors’ meeting at the 2018 NMLA Conference.  This year included the new State Librarian, Eli Guinnee, on board only since September 10th.  After a self-introduction, Eli fielded a number of questions and topics.

Items included:

  • Eli has already been on the road, visiting individual libraries and directors, as well as meeting with the Rio Arriba County libraries as a group.
  • The number of directors changing over the course of calendar year 2018: out of 96 libraries, 19 libraries welcomed new directors.  Ten to twelve directors changing in a year used to be about average; now it’s closer to 15-20 per year.  That’s a lot of new directors coming up to speed on State Library processes, eligibility requirements for State Aid, and learning how to fill out forms for GO Bonds.  The Development Bureau asks all directors to keep staff informed as to any retirement plans, possibilities of moving on – we need to know contact information at the library when the director is no longer there – perhaps a Board member or a staff member (if you have one!).  Also, Directors, please contact us if your mailing address or email address changes.  Grant agreements and other official forms from the State Library to you may get delayed or lost.
  • Directors working with their financial staff in their city/town/village – there’s often turnover among finance staff and educating staff about the workings of libraries is often required. The Development Bureau is available whenever you might need us to intervene, confirm how state funds (State Aid or GO Bonds) are to be spent, and/or work with finance staff to understand State rules and regulations.
  • Consideration of a Broadband pilot project with libraries across the State – Eli alluded to this, but there are still too many details to nail down this early in a discussion. Suffice to say, it would need to include an eRate consultant which can only benefit directors interested in eRate.
  • A hold on the rewrite of the 4.5.8 NMAC which governs GO Bonds – this still needs to happen, but won’t be addressed until after the new Development Bureau Chief has arrived. Dale Savage, the Continuing Education Coordinator from the Arizona State Library, will join the State Library staff on November 19th as the new Bureau Chief.
  • No word yet as to the status of the Tribal Libraries Program Coordinator position – applications have been received by the State Personnel Office, but the State Library is still waiting receipt of eligible candidate applications.
  • Directors suggested a monthly meeting via phone, or online, e.g., using WebEx, to discuss local topics of current interest. The Development Bureau also offered the use of WebEx for a closed meeting among directors, i.e., without the State Library in attendance, when appropriate.


Any questions, comments, suggestions – we’d like to hear from you.  Please email the Directors’ listserv at


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