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Changes in the ILL Website

Recently, we’ve been working to update the layout of the Interlibrary Loan website- where you submit your ILL requests. You might have noticed that the website looks a little different these days.The design changes will simplify the requesting options, add some details to help with unusual request items, and just look nicer all around!

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The changes include:

Simplified menu– The new request section has been pared down to reflect only book/audio book, article, and media requests.

New main menu– The main menu screen will now show both your “requests in processing” queue and your “checked out items” queue. This should encompass all of your normal active requests, so you can see what we are ordering, what has shipped, and what is checked out to you.

Request limit counter- At the top of the main menu there will now be a request limit counter. This way you can see how many active requests you have, and how close you are to your requesting limit of 125 active requests at one time.

Format selection for books– When you request a book you will be required to specify a format. This lets us know if you want a regular print book, an audio book, or a large print book.

Media request form– We created a form specifically for media, so now you can specify if you want to request a DVD, Blu ray, VHS, or CD.

ILL numbers– When you view your requests you will now be able to see the ILL number. This number is the 9-digit number that comes on the paperwork the lending library sends with their book; it’s the request number that the State Library shares in common with the lender. Now you should be able to do a ctrl-F search for that number to find the exact record for the book should you need to look up the Transaction Number. This is particularly useful if you have ordered a title multiple times.

If you encounter any problems with the website or changes please contact Christy McPherson at 505-476-9716.

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